The first that denied the Attributes of Allāh were the kufār of Quraysh

Shaykh ‘Arafāt bin Hassan al-Mohamedī hafidhahullāh said in his first lesson on the creed of Imām al-Shāfi’ī that the incident when the Prophet salAllāhu ‘alayhi wa salam was about to get a letter written to the Quraysh, in their attendance, that when he wanted to begin with the Basmalah that they said to deny the Name al-Rahmān and accept only the Name Allāh. This means that the kufār of Quraysh were the predecessors in denying the Attributes of Allāh before the Jahmiyyah and the Mu’tazilah and the Ashā’irah and the Kullābiyyah and the Māturidiyyah.

Wallāhu a’lem


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