Because of al-Mashmāsh, it ripened though without sweetening

The word al-Mashmāsh (figs) that i can not find in any dictionary (not in almaany, not in qamoos al-mu7eet, not in lisaanul ‘arab) while it is known in the Moroccan language; instead another word that resembles to it meshmeshatu (meshmesh: the sweet flesh from the inside of the opening of the bone from cattle that gets eaten: this is the case when looked at it from the angle of what is explained in Arabic below. In the Moroccan darijja meshmesh means eating flesh from a bone-piece with ones teeth): 

التهذيب: المِشْلَوْز المِشْمِشَةُ الحُلْوة المخّ. قال الأَزهري:
أُخِذَ من المشمش واللَّوْز، قال: والجِلَّوْزُ نبت له حَبٌّ إِلى الطول
ما هو، ويؤكل مخه شبه الفُسْتُق.


Source: Lisaan al-‘Arab

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